Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joy of Vacation

It would be awesome to think that I could do absolutely nothing for the next five days but lay around in my p. jammer's & toe socks, snarf turkey (that's brought to me in bed), watch Lifetime movies (yes, I love corny Lifetime movies), crochet a new winter scarf (I have the cutest green yarn I've ever seen) with my yarn I bought on sale and scribble doodles on huge pieces of paper that cover my bed. As appealing as all of that sounds, chances are, it's not happening like that.

Here's what will really happen...

I will clean the house repeatedly (daily) and it will look like no one has touched it in weeks. My p. jammers (or whatever I choose to wear) will be covered in nice little finger streaks of "stick, stick" and the toe socks have absolutely no chance because they'll be soaked from whatever has spilled that I unknowingly stumble upon.

Lifetime will be nowhere on our television considering it is football season. In between all the cleaning and Mothering, I will get a second here and there to crochet my scarf, that will take weeks to finish. Owen and I will surely be doodling together, so doodling in bed is unquestionably out with a white feather comforter and a two year old. So, we WILL scribble doodles on huge pieces of paper in the floor!

This will be my vacation and you know what? I wouldn't change one teeny little part of it!

Happy Thanksgiving, family and friends!

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