Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Juliet

Here she is, 
Presenting Juliet...

She didn't turn out perfect, but hopefully she'll turn out the perfect Wedding dress!

I used a trash bag to start and then duct taped over it. That took about 30 minutes. I cut up the front of the form to remove it, then carefully taped it back shut. I used an oval slice of cardboard to fill the bottom and taped that on. The filler ended up being a variety of things, mostly fashion magazines. The first layer was a half a bag of Poly-fil, second layer was a can of Great Stuff (didn't like the way it set) and finally decided to use magazine pages. 

Total Cost = $4 
(I had everything I needed, except for the Great Stuff that I really ended up not needing anyhow)

I'm sure I'll be covering her with decoupage or fabric or something wonderful....

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