Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The World.

 I will drop Owen off at pre-k in the morning. Yes, you heard correctly. My once baby, will no longer be home with me turning my hair gray. Yes, I know that's just a myth. There's a lump in my throat. I'm nervous. For him. For what he learns from other children that he shouldn't know. For getting picked on because that's what kids do. For what I cannot shelter him from any longer. 


The world is a scary place for a four year old. Heck, it's a scary place for a thirty-three year old. Clearly, I'm [always] neurotic. 

I can remember back when Owen was about two years old. He started the "terrible two's" at one and  half and well, he just decided to stay, I guess. He had me fit-to-be-tied. Crazy expression, I know; but it's true. He and I went to one of the local daycare's and I put him on the list to go. I have impeccable timing. We showed up and the whole place was napping. Obviously, he never went....

The plan from the very beginning, was for me to stay home with him. That day, it didn't matter. You know what's so funny? I have no idea why I was so frustrated. None, whatsoever. Just goes to show, some stuff just doesn't matter. 

My sweet sugaa wooga will be five years old this month & although we are in a whole different ballgame of phases that children go through, I wouldn't change ANYTHING for a second. 


  1. You are a wonderful Mommy. I am looking forward to stories about Owen's days at school.

    1. You are the greatest. I hope you know that (: