Friday, November 26, 2010

BlacK frIday maYhem

This event (I call it an event because it was that, to say the least) started yesterday morning when I decide I would do an experiment. I would go shopping with no money. That, obviously, did not happen and it makes me giggle now because I ever even said I was going to (insert smiley face here).

That thought led to...

I will go and spend money BUT I will carry my Christmas List that I would have gotten anyway and purchase only things from that list that were on sale.

I had a few things in the Wal-Mart circular that I wanted to get: 8 GB Red Flashdrive for $8 (wondering if any of you Black Friday shoppers see the error in the first item yet; get to that in a minute), 24pack of Play-Doh for $8, a 10pack of Hot Wheels Cars for $5 and the licensed pajamas for kids @ $4. Seems a little silly to travel 25 miles just to pick these small things up, but worth it. I was ready for the adventure! 3:15am and I'm ready to hit the road. My partner in crime didn't answer the phone, but I'm not giving up. I'm going.

This is my first time getting up with the chickens, wait a minute, before the chickens, sales paper and sunglasses in hand. No idea why I brought my sunglasses, I'll be home way before I ever need those. But just in case. I've been to Black Friday, but at a normal hour. NEVER four AM. Wow, what am I thinking?

So, after all was said and done...

The lines were insanely planned or maybe it was a lack of planning. Three out of four customer service representatives had no idea where anything was (yes, I asked four people for one item). I'm not sure why there wasn't a map because I had no clue where I was. I knew what I was looking for, I just didn't know where to find it.

The logical solution TO ME is (I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat, right? Ha.):

Slide the shelves to the side (create a large, open area), break out some tables, fill them up with SALES PRODUCT (oh my gosh, right in front of me? yes please, I'll take two!!!!!), noooooooooow break out the lines, CASH AND CARRY!!!! Booyah, in the door + out the door = happy customer AND happy customer service representative. Win, Win.

I did find the flashdrives, although I was a little mixed up in the process. I was looking for the wrong thing. The Red Flashdrive was $14, I think. Duh. Leave it to me. Didn't get the BLACK, 4GB flashdrive for $8 because they musta ran out (oh, of course they did.). I did get the Play-Doh and the Hot Wheels, but no pajamas. I couldn't find them anywhere. NOWHERE!

I had a whole 'nother angle I was working with this entry, but considering I started it about 7 am and it was hanging out so long that it wouldn't even autosave, the enthusiasm has left me. I'm not sure if I'll attend Black Friday next year. I didn't take any pictures or video clips, there were some wild ones out this morning. I'd hate to think someone snapped because I videoed them without makeup and whapped me on the head with one of the infamous televisions everyone in Wal-Mart HAD to have. It was madness, pure madness. I guess that means I fit right in?

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