Thursday, December 9, 2010

the proof is in the pudding

I'm exhausted, tired, drained physically and mentally and what's on my mind? How much I want to ramble on in a blog entry. Leave it to me...AS IF I haven't rambled on ALL day and everyone I've crossed paths with is CERTAIN it's time for me to sleep; nope, it's not. I really should learn more about punctuation because I know where nothing goes (insert question mark ? here).

The weeks have run together for me recently and sometimes my coffee pot isn't sure if it's night or day. School is easier than what I thought it would be (considering my college-hopping track record) because I've put forth lots more effort.

Over the last few years I've learned what priorities are and whew, finally. It was about time. I definitely have my priorities in order, for now (I hate to get all superstitious on you but, I think I just counted my chickens before they hatched and yes, I'm super superstitious), although I've only accomplished one teeny-tiny quarter. I've upped the anti on next quarter to 3 classes. We'll see how well I fare then. I feel like I can if I schedule my time properly and since I'm a Planner, maybe I'll tackle it.

This entry really didn't go according to plan, I just start typing and that's always what happens unless I write it down and change it a hunnerd (yep, I know I spelled that wrong) times. Today and yesterday, well actually, yesterday and the day before there was this little number game on Facebook. Yes, I'm addicted. Why? Isn't the answer obvious? Because I stopped playing Pac-Man. Oh, did you have something else in mind? No, it's not because I don't have anything else better to do, it's because I want to. See how I ramble on and lose sight of my point?

Moving closer to the point...

A number game popped into my feed on Facebook. Inbox me a # and I'll tell you how I feel about you [in status update]. It was an interesting game. I've learned more and more in the last few years, honesty is the best policy. Always. When you get the chance, say it. It's not too late, say it. Whatever IT is. Say it. Don't hold back. Say IT. Mean it. Say IT. Don't sugarcoat it. SAY IT.

The game gave me a chance to voice how I felt about people who were interested in knowing. I liked it. It gave me a chance to shout out (yup, I said it, I couldn't think of any other expression to go here) my love to each and every one of those people. A little boost of self-confidence, if you will.

Did I mention, Say IT? SAY IT! I get myself tickled sometimes and sometimes, I just wanna tell me to hush and stop being so uptight about things. I'm highstrung. Really.
I'm laughing right now because those of you that know me personally are saying, "Um, did she really have to say really? REALLY?", because you know how I am.

A tidbit closer to the point...

On a daily basis, I strive to be a better person. I work towards working on me and how I interact with and treat people. I am not always successful at being nice. Sometimes, I wait so long (bad idea to wait, SAY IT) to say something that it ends up being downright ugly, but I continue to work on me. I am a work in the progress. I love me some me (sorry, had to throw some TO out there).

i am who i am.
i feel how i feel.
i live like i live.
i be who i be.
i be me.

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