Friday, April 1, 2011


I have no desire to be hateful and no desire to be mean,

that's nowhere in my path of fulfilling my dreams....

For some reason, this is on my mind today. I'm a Facebooker and I see all these snarky comments and hateful posts and I pray for these people because I have learned in life, there's no reason to break people down to build yourself up. Under no circumstances should we, as a loving, caring human beings have to or feel the need to do that.

As humans, we tend to make assumptions (I'm guilty of this myself) of why people do the things that they do.

We went to the Circus the other night and I laughed at a man because of his outfit. Hello Alisha, he's in the Circus, that's his job to be eccentric! I felt immediately guilty because I did. The funny part is, I'm eccentric and folks do the same to me. They think because I'm different, I'm not "normal", whatever that means.....

If I could apologize to this man for having a laugh at his expense, I would. He probably wouldn't care anyway, but that's not the point. Although it was an innocent laugh and I didn't mean anything by it, I realized, that's just not fair to other people.

We treat people like we want to be treated and no, people don't always do the same, but when we do, we've done all we can do.

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