Saturday, April 9, 2011


I blog to release. I blog to share. Nowhere in my mind states that I blog because everyone should feel as I feel. I blog about myself and voyage. My experiences, my troubles, my excitement, my confusion. There's been lots of confusion lately. I can seem to understand certain things. These things aren't meant for me to understand, I know, but I still want to.
It's kind of like, "here, you can have the cupcake, but you can't eat the icing." What? Really? I can't have the icing? Well, that's the part I want!!!!!! It's the same in life, people want most what they can't have and are determined, by any means necessary to accomplish it. I don't understand, but like I said, I suppose it's not for me to understand.
I've done a mountain of wrong in my lifetime and I've tried desperately to right those wrongs, but some folks just aren't where I am and that's okay too. It takes all folks to make the world go 'round. I've been guilty of lots of despicable (what I would consider as now, then notsomuch) acts in my life and hope those days are through.
Truth be told, this isn't my first second chance, it's probably my 80th. Hopefully everyone gets just as many chances as I did, to get life right.

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