Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kentucky Derby Kinda Day

You know, I was thinking; the reason I like the Kentucky Derby is because I can wear a silly hat and think nothing of it. Nuts, right? Yeah. That's okay though.

Amongst all the busy this morning, I got wrapped up in "All About Me". What I mean by that, was I planning to sew a dress for the occasion and I thought, why? Why rush, rush, rush to make a dress that won't make a difference?

Which led me to my next thought: maybe I won't be able to change the world with my gesture BUT I can wear my Uncle Smokey's hat for The Kentucky Derby this year, along with some Carhart overalls and flip-flops and consider someone else besides myself. Right? Right. This makes year number one that rolls around and he's passed.

No, wearing his hat won't bring him back, but i'm sure he got a big hearty laugh at me wearing it (because I look like a total moron in it) and I was just going for carrying on the memories =)

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