Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go AGAINST the Grain

In all situations, society has a way of "pressuring" you (people in general) into going one way over another. Whether it be: what size a person should be, the style of clothes we must buy, the way we wear our hair or the way we parent our children, society is there, rearing it's ugly head. I say ugly because I'm not much on following what "advice" Sheeple have to offer.

That being said, the Mommy Milestones will grab you, if you let them. BUT, I have learned that my child, will grow, discover and be exactly what HE wants to be, as long as I let him. I try my very best to let him be exactly who he is. If he wants to wear beads, I let him. If he wants nothing to do with Potty Training, I accept it (it was hard to accept for a while); even though there are those that think that I am "lazy" because he's almost 3 and just willing to potty train. I'm okay with that. People can think I'm lazy, those people don't know me.

People tend to think that I should parent my child a certain way because I am a stay-at-home-Mom. They're wrong. I should parent my child exactly as I see fit, that's why God saw fit to make me a parent. I am one lucky Mommy, I have a beautiful, loving, caring, trusting, happy child and for that, I am grateful.

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