Monday, June 13, 2011

I Don't Think it's Hot Enough

As I sit here quietly (with no pending homework), jamming to my iPod, as Owen and Andy both sleep soundly, I think to myself: ahhhhhhhhh, total and complete relaxation. I hate to think any of the phones ring because I'm not answering. I'm consumed by vacay. No, we're not going anywhere. We're staying right here at home in good 'ole Georgia. Sure, I'm gonna hit the beach as much as possible, but I think we'll stick with this state, for now.

I will, however, do myself, Andy and the power bill a favor and turn off Bubble Guppies that's blaring on the television. Poor Andy, he doesn't get enough nickjr. as it is, he's got to hear it while he's dreaming too...

I think we all need a surprise. The surprise being, I'm cooking!!!!!!! Andy says I never cook, so it'll definitely be a surprise for him when he wakes up to food. Surprise for me because who thought I'd be doing anything that takes effort on my first half day of vacay????? Effort because I don't think it's hot enough, so I'm gonna crank up the charcoal in hunnerd degree weather =)

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