Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Move Over, Martha Stewart

Watch out Martha Stewart, I'm hot on your trail, Miss Ma'am. Today, I experienced canning at it's finest. I am finally able to add jar canning to my Domestic Goddess qualifications. I'm pleased as punch. I put 3 or 4 quarts of tomatoes in the freezer last week, along with 20 or so ears of corn BUT today, I canned with jars. This was one of my goals for myself and  I am glad to say that I accomplished it!

I've said it a hundred times (if you've read any of my previous jibberish) and I'll say it again: too many times, we as full-time Mothers, don't get the credit we deserve BECAUSE we don't earn a living raising our children. That's okay, I feel my contribution is worth it!

Here are just a few things (right off the top of my head) that I did today:

  • Made the bed
  • Trimmed dead Zinnias (saved seed for next year--will be 3rd generation)
  • Fed the chickens, cat and dog (which reminds me, gotta get chicken feed)
  • Fixed 3 meals (had help with the last one, Andy cooked and also, helped cut-up the shish-kabobs (sp?) )
  • Washed dishes three times
  • Swept back porch
  • Washed, peeled, cut-up and canned 5 quarts tomatoes from the garden
  • Cut up and froze 2 whole watermelons from the garden (for watermelon smoothies that are the deal! *will be posting my recipe soon) (5 quarts + a bit left in the fridge for supper)
  • 5 loads of laundry (washed, folded and 4 put up; the last load hasn't made it out of the clean basket yet....)
  • Played in the kiddie pool and ran through the sprinkler
  • Washed, blanched, cooled and put up 7 pints of Butter Beans (that were given to me, already shelled)
  • Watched a little Olivia (luhv her)
  • Lysol-wiped down the bathroom (potty training a boy is super fun)
  • Played Hide-and-Seek (and lost)
  • Made watermelon and blueberry smoothies
  • Bathed two children and myself (not at one time, just to be clear)
  • Quick hair trim
  • Sewed the other half of my dress (that I WILL have finished by the start of summer quarter. i really gotta hold myself to that)
I can't think of anymore right now because I'm running on empty. All of this while entertaining (some of the things are considered entertaining, but keep following me here, I do have a point [believe it or not]) two children, one of which isn't mine, but she's Owen's best friend and I did this WITHOUT:

  • a maid
  • nanny
  • personal shopper
  • nutritionist
  • chef
  • hairstylist
  • makeup artist OR
  • personal trainer

So, when someone asks me, "Oh, you don't have a job?" Yes folks, I do. It's called Motherhood and I'm FULL-TIME!

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