Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Somedays You're the Windshield, Somedays You're the Bug

This week has made me reflect on my life as a Mother. I have a wiiiiiiiiild child. He's a normal three year old (almost) and most of the time, he's a hundred miles an hour from daylight to dark (give or take). I am an incredibly lucky individual to have a loving family, a loving husband (okay, so NO people, we haven't gotten hitched, but we may as well be) and a child that is secure, trusting, happy and creative as any child can be. We nurture him. 

We cherish him. I'm a firm believer in discipline, but I'm no drill sergeant. We play, we laugh, we have fun. We act like kids around this home sweet home. We jump in the kiddie pool fully dressed. We run through the raindrops (only if it's not thundering and lightening though) and get soaked from head to toe. We get dirty after baths (sometimes). We finger paint and usually get more on the carpet and on the furniture than we do on the paper, but that's okay because we live here!


We encourage healthy personalities. We encourage speaking through creativity.

We encourage honesty.

This week was difficult for me, to say the least. In my efforts to "change the world" (so to speak), I learned so much about myself, my family and that all situations are ultimately In God's Hands and sometimes, we've done all we can do. Sometimes, all we can do, is not enough. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the ones we love aren't receptive to our love.

Somedays we're the windshield, somedays we're the bug. Today, I was the bug BUT this situation has taught me a lot about myself, encouraged me to have patience because God is in control and taught me that I AM the Mother I'd hope I'd be when I was pregnant and am proud to say that I am.

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