Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of the Year Start for the New Year

So, I've been wondering what goals I could set for 2012 and stumbled into this little diddy:

30 Day Challenge

This is sure to be one of many and as much as I like photos, I'm sure I'll enjoy this. I saw this floating around Facebook this year and never attempted it, but now, I think I'll try it. Hopefully, I will finish all thirty days worth. 
I printed a copy to remember (yes, I'm lost without lists and/or photos to remind me...).

------------------------Day 1: 12/30/11--------------------------

Self Portrait

Here's day one. I was trying to "think outside the box", but I got nothin' at this point! This is the first day right? So, I'm good. Do you know how hard it was for me not to add effects to this one? I even wandered around picnik and tried to do a few simple things, but it took away from the realness, so I discarded the edits and here I am. I wanted the first self-portrait to be the "real" me. The me that I am the most. The me that is normally straight out of the shower with zero make-up; forehead wrinkles and all. 

Day one down, twenty-nine to go!

------------------------Day 2: 12/31/11--------------------------

What I Wore Today

Most of the time I'm comfort first. Rarely am I glamorous! This is was I wore today. T-Shirt, jeans and flip flops. I also managed to catch me with my eyes closed. 

Day two down, twenty-eight to go!

------------------------Day 3: 1/1/12--------------------------

Of course I had to spruce up my clouds a bit. Love these!

Day three down, twenty-seven to go!

------------------------Day 4: 1/2/12--------------------------

Something Green
I really love my Feather Hair Clip, so I thought I'd share a picture with you. I opted for up close instead of far away.

Day four down, twenty-six to go!

P.S. I am really looking forward to tomorrow's photo. I get to climb!

------------------------Day 5: 1/3/12--------------------------

From a High Angle
Ugh, I have to confess, this is a picture from August 13th, 2011. I love it!!! I have been wondering where I could use this photo. I absolutely adore this angle of my little munchkin. We were playing in the rain on this day. I hope this doesn't mean I've failed the challenge.... In my defense, it was cold outside today. I know, I know, I could have taken a picture inside, but I was looking forward to climbing a tree!

Day five down, twenty-five to go!

------------------------Day 6: 1/4/12--------------------------

From a Low Angle
This was spur-of-the-moment and I am infatuated with it for some reason. I like the way the light bulb isn't just lit, it's glowing.

Day six down, twenty-four to go!

------------------------Day 7: 1/5/12--------------------------

You say tomato? I say yummo!

Day seven down, twenty-three to go! 

------------------------Day 8: 1/6/12--------------------------

A Bad Habit...
I've done really well this week. I've drank less than 12 in five days. That's AWESOME for me!

Day eight down, twenty-two to go! 

------------------------Day 9: 1/7/12--------------------------

Someone I Love

Day nine down, twenty-one to go!

------------------------Day 10: 1/8/12--------------------------

Childhood Memory
This is my Popples from 1988. I carried her everywhere; even in the forts I built throughout the house.

Day ten down, twenty to go!

------------------------Day 11: 1/9/12--------------------------

Something Blue
One of my many favorite things to do...paint!

Day eleven down, nineteen to go!

------------------------Day 12: 1/10/12--------------------------

Sadly, I had to use an old sunset photo (June 25th, 2011) because I was in school this evening and it was impossible to get the sunset!

Day twelve down, eighteen to go!

------------------------Day 13: 1/11/12--------------------------

Yourself with 13 Things
Sure, I could have chosen 13 things I adored but I thought this was a better idea! 13 plastic bugs!

Day thirteen down, seventeen to go!

------------------------Day 14: 1/12/12--------------------------

Too much makeup.

Day fourteen down, sixteen to go!

------------------------Day 15: 1/13/12--------------------------

Just happened to stumble into this!

Day fifteen down, fifteen to go! 

------------------------Day 16: 1/14/12--------------------------

Long Exposure
This was my first ever experience with Shutter Speed! How nifty!!

Day sixteen down, fourteen to go!

------------------------Day 17: 1/15/12--------------------------

Possible to live without these, but I'd rather not!

Day seventeen down, thirteen to go! 

------------------------Day 18: 1/16/12--------------------------

My Shoes
They take me everywhere!

 Day eighteen down, twelve to go!

------------------------Day 19: 1/17/12--------------------------

Something Orange
Clearly grasping at straws for today; my screensaver...

Day nineteen down, eleven to go! 

------------------------Day 20: 1/18/12--------------------------

Hopefully I got this right... Just goes to show how little I actually know about real technique.
UPDATE: I know I didn't get this right .... 1/26/12 :)

Day twenty down, ten to go!

------------------------Day 21: 1/19/12--------------------------

Faceless Self-Portrait
I love this necklace. Found it at a Consignment shop on sale for under $5!

Day twenty-one down, nine to go!

------------------------Day 22: 1/20/12--------------------------

Shaped as a heart, of course.

Day twenty-two down, eight to go!

------------------------Day 23: 1/21/12--------------------------

I didn't think the sun would ever come out for this picture. Isn't it beautiful?

Day twenty-three down, seven to go!

------------------------Day 24: 1/22/12--------------------------

Here's Kitty....

Day twenty-four down, six to go!

------------------------Day 25: 1/23/12--------------------------

Something Pink
The pink ribbon I wear in my hair to The Relay for Life for my two closest breast cancer survivors.

Day twenty-five down, five to go!

------------------------Day 26: 1/24/12--------------------------

Close Up
Mommy Cow Tail and Baby Moo.

Day twenty-six down, four to go!

------------------------Day 27: 1/25/12--------------------------

From a Distance
Day twenty-seven down, three to go!

------------------------Day 28: 1/26/12--------------------------

These are beautiful and right in my front yard.

Day twenty-eight down, two more to go!

------------------------Day 29: 1/27/12--------------------------

Black & White
Day twenty-nine down, one more to go!

------------------------Day 30: 1/28/12--------------------------

Day 30 down, mission accomplished!

I have learned that I know very little about technique, but I still love taking pictures. I have also learned that I will be attempting my own photo challenge On The Fly! I think it will be more fun to capture those moments that pop into my mind!

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