Friday, December 16, 2011

When the Roller Coaster Stops...

Owen finally called it a night earlier. Whew. Life with a toddler keeps me on my toes. Day care workers DO NOT make enough money. Seriously. Although, I'm no day care worker, I'm a full-time SAHM and a part-time student, I STILL say that Being a Mom IS a Job (without pay) and there's no amount of money that can compensate for doing so.
How can you calculate the value of payment for someone who is ALWAYS on call? Someone who does the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking (okay, so I don't cook as much as I should) and has a bubbly personality 95% of the time. Eh....95% is probably pushing the envelope a little, we'll stick with 89%. I've got 89% for sure.
This day has been a whirlwind of activities from two trips into town and mad boy when we made the second trip and he didn't come out of the store with anything to visiting to an attempt at cookies that turned into a crumbled mess to riding to the lot and taking a hike around the farm to Caroling at Church this evening. 
Some days are better than others and this day was hectic, to say the least. No, I wouldn't change it and I'm sure you're probably thinking I'm telling a bold-face lie after reading the last three paragraphs, but no, I'm not.
Although eject was just a button away today, there's ALWAYS a lesson to be learned.

That being said, here's today's lesson:

When the Roller Coaster finally Stops, enjoy it. Retaliate by doing NOTHING!

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