Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: Creative Overdrive is On!

I've decided to set some creative goals for myself this year. I always tend to put off creative accomplishments. It's time to kick "it" in gear. Me being "it". I've got tons of unfinished projects waiting on me!!! They've been waiting for a while... I've got a whole year to finish these. 

Here goes:

  • "Fix it or trash it" hat project (dyed, just needs pizzazz) 1/7/12
  • Hannah's Headbands (pink and purple)
  • Owl Purse
  • Finish off-white Summer dress with brown, green and pink (dress almost sewn; need to add pizzazz)
  • Bandanna Dress
  • Finish at least 10 Welding Caps (patterns cut) 2015 I started a business  January 2015.
  • Use the awesome red/yellow fabric that I picked up at Wal-Mart in Salisbury over the holidays (50's style dress?)
  • Finish Ceramic Bowl (painted black; needs pattern painted and decoupage) 2/3/12 
  • Finish Bird Bath (painted; needs to be grinded and attached) 3/23/15 
  • Learn to knit (have the knitting needles; JUST NEED TO READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!!) 2013 (can't remember when but I did it & didn't like it)
  • Upcycle broken Clock 1/14/12
  • Find a creative use for all the CDs I need to get rid of!!!!

Wow, that's not so much! Only 12 things on my list, so that means, I could average one thing a month and be finished! 


Time to get started! Wish me luck :)

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