Sunday, July 1, 2012

how sweet it is [to be loved by you] #1

Here it is, day #1 of the ultimate blog challenge. I woke up this morning with the intention of heading in a different direction on my first day of this fabulous challenge and then poof! there it was, right up underneath my nose & I didn't even know it.

This would be my 1/2 a pound cake recipe I thought I would whip up for First Sunday Lunch/Communion today at Church.  Sadly, I had no all-purpose flour & had to substitute. Well, that gives new meaning to flat as a pound cake, right? Whoops, flat as a pancake. 

At any rate, Owen & I rushed off to Church empty handed & I returned several hours later & found Andy snoozing in the recliner & this; a hole in the cake! Proof that looks aren't everything...

I was trying to get everything together to hit the pavement for a bike ride when Andy woke up & I told him there was a plate on the counter from Church and he said, "That cake was the best cake on earth". That's My Husband. Yup, he loves me.

When I returned from my school trip last Thursday, I was excited to  be home! When Andy & I pulled up to Mo's, Owen runs towards me. I sure missed that sweet face. He had me a welcome home bag of presents. Yes, I cried. 

He picked out the flowers and the wall hanging just for me. Along with: toothpaste (I'll have to assume because I like to brush my teeth), a can of tuna (i love tuna) & a bag of mini marshmallows (because he loves them & knew I'd share).

I say it frequently & mean every word --- blessed beyond belief, that's me. 

how sweet it is [to be loved by you]

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