Monday, July 9, 2012

When in Doubt, DON'T. #7

In all things, I try to be more Christ-like. There are days I fail; I lose my temper, I gossip, I judge. The list goes on and on. The idea is to continue on my journey of being more Christ-like; to never give up. No one is perfect, least of all, me.

Yesterday, I made brief trip to Brunswick. I breezed by the McDonald's for an iced coffee. There was a man with a cardboard sign. Hungry, need gas money with a cigarette in his hand and the lid up on his truck, backed into an area where someone otherwise wouldn't have broke down because there's nothing back there.

Immediately, my intuition threw up two red flags, SCAM. Where he was parked and the fact that he had a cigarette. Being a former smoker, I know they're not cheap (not even the cheapest pack). 

In situations like that, where's the line? Was my intuition wrong? Should I have given that man money? My point is, I passed judgement immediately. How could he do that, I thought. The fact is, the situation could have been genuine but, one thing came to mind:

"When in doubt, DON'T"

My Gramma has always told me this and she's been right so far.

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