Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get Out of Your Own Head & Way (Part 1)

I started going to a few classes offered at the YMCA a couple weeks ago to change my exercise routine up a little bit.
Evan & I drop Owen off at school and take off to Waycross. It's good for us both. After almost a year (4 more weeks) of nursing, we can both use a little breathing room. He can't say it, so I'll just speak for the both of us. **On an altogether separate note, I can't believe my sweet chunk is already a year old.**
Moving on...
There are some fantastic early morning classes offered. My favorite has to be the PowerCut class. Wow, I only thought I was exercising at home. Sheesh! My arms & legs feel like jelly once I'm done. I LOVE IT!!!! After my first class the other week, I heard a girl talking about her pants & how they showed every dimple in her body. Which leads me to my point:
I don't know if guys are this bad, but girls, STOP. IT. Stop downing your bodies. Stop inadvertently teaching your daughters to be self-conscious of the way their bodies are & what they look like. Stop picking yourself apart. 
STOP. IT. STOP. IT. STOP. IT. STOP. IT. What you think you are, you become.
Trying loving yourself for what & who you are. If you don't like something about yourself, change it. And while you're changing it, TRUST THE PROCESS!!!! 
You are beautiful, start feeling like it! That being said, it's time to unleash this warm car & head to the windy Sidney Lanier bridge for the Bridge Run. I'm excited to get my feet wet again. The only goal I have is to top my personal best for my bridge time. 

Have a blessed day :))

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