Friday, July 11, 2014

30 Day Goal Setter (Printable)

I've decided mini goals are the best option to reach my "Big Picture Goal". I am a huge fan of My Fitness Pal. If you have no idea what I am referring to, it's an APP for your phone or a website, you decide which is best for you. 

I've logged my food for 276 days. Yep, that's a while. I've been in a valley for about two months + and my weight is no longer moving anywhere. Okay, well my weight is, but the scales aren't. 

Today I decided to start setting mini goals. Today's mini goal was to workout an hour. No, your goal doesn't have to be to workout an hour. That's just an example. Other examples are:

  • set a calorie amount & stick with it
  • no chocolate (eeek, that's a hard one)
  • make my carb goal (mine is 200 a day)
  • eat only 3 servings of fruit
  • eat 5 veggies 
You get the general idea. If you're interested in printing, feel free. I'm sure there will be more goodies to come. I'm just getting started! 

PS....Your goal doesn't have to be fitness. It can be anything you would like to chip away at. Clutter, sewing, knitting, painting, etc.

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