Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I [Finally] Made It!

*** Disclaimer: Fitness selfies to follow ***

On July 12th, 2014 @ 12:21 pm, I made it. 

I got dressed to go for a bike ride & didn't care an iota about how what I was wearing, fit my body. Am I at my final goal weight? Nope, not even near it. Do I feel good about myself? Absolutely. Here's the moment:

selfie #1 (my husband took this so, technically, it's not a selfie ;)
What an extraordinarily great feeling. Ahhh. After the constant (give or take a minute here and there) hard work for the last 289 days, it's nice to bask in the glory. 

I did a transformation picture yesterday because I am almost (4 more pounds) at my mini goal of pre-preggo weight/ 2nd baby. Here it is:

selfie #2 (down 32 pounds)

The 11/13 picture was about one month into logging foods & making the conscious effort to change my eating habits & become more active again. I say again because, this is the I-can't-count-how-many-times-this-makes-time I've started over. To date however, this is the longest time I have been focused on eating well. I don't always eat well. Sometimes I eat junk & almost always, it makes me feel like junk. 

Frequently,  people say to me, "I wish I had your energy." You can have my energy. I didn't have this energy at 267 pounds. Or, at 285. I was 285 once, too. Here's a picture of my last downsize:

selfie #3: left-2012, right-2008
The journey continues....


  1. Keep going...and take me with you!! Heehee, self discipline is harder than disciplining a goat. PS You look like a hot momma!

    1. You are so hilarious. This comment makes me smile :))) And thank you!

  2. Amazing!! You give me inspiration to start my own journey. . Kept up the good work...

    1. Right now is the best time to start! I'll be your fan club (: