Monday, October 6, 2014

The Psycho Saver Returns

I'm back, after a lengthy vacation from saving. Yes, I absolutely said vacation because saving money is a PAIN. Who wants to schlep two kids from store to store to save a buck? Well I do, I guesssss. It's actually a lot of bucks & it's very addictive once you actually save a good bit. Again, it's a pain. You have to price match, cut coupons, prepare & blah-blah-blah. You can cheat on the price matching though. Google, there are a 1,000 people who want to read their blog & they've done it for you. YAY!

I make it sound super appealing, don't I? It's not glamorous. People sigh at you, eyeball you & pretty much loathe you, in line at the grocery store. 

The upside? You can smile at them, all the way to the bank with the money you save. 

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