Monday, November 3, 2014

Thriller Flash Mob - Party of One (#7: You Know You're a Mom If...)

When this idea sprouted, there were more of us; then we dwindled. When the time came at 9:45pm Halloween night, I was the only one. I mentally prepared for this. I had an idea that I might be the only one. 

I decided that I would go it alone if I had to. I'm a firm believer in being who you are as an individual. I've been called weird & strange for as far back as I can remember. I encourage my children to be themselves, no matter what.What kind of example would I be setting had I not done the dance because no one (other than myself) showed up? Not a credible example, that's for sure. 

With an audience of five, the show went on. I didn't butcher the dance nearly as bad as I thought I did. I do not, however, have any rhythm, hand/eye coordination & I absolutely crack under pressure (always). I practiced a lot & as always, my mind went blank when it came time. I suppose that's stage fright. 

At any rate, I had a wonderful time, wore makeup (even if it was Halloween makeup) for the first time in forever, met some fantastic new friends, practiced what I preach & went home feeling like a million bucks. 

You know you're a Mom if...

you find creative ways to lead by example.

Thriller Flash Mob -Party of One
Halloween Night 2014