Friday, March 13, 2015

#saynotoworldlythings (To Be Heard)

The Holy Spirit has convicted me to rid myself of the programs I watch on television. I've even been telling myself things like: "they're nothing that bad"& "I've always watched these programs". Yes, I'm aware of how silly it sounds to reason with yourself over a show but, I have been. 

This has been on my mind for a month or so. A couple of years ago I stopped watching a few. It's been over the last month I've really caught myself thinking about it more and more. 

I record them and watch them when the kids are in bed or when they're away. 

Get my drift? See why this on my mind?? 

I can't watch them while they're here? What? Why not, you ask? They're not allowed to watch them because of violence, language, suggestive behavior & disobedience to God. 

Ahem, "do as I say & not as I do?" I heard this a lot when I was a child & it obviously was a poor idea. I spent years & years of my life lost & consciously sinning. 

I started a new Bible Study yesterday titled Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. I'm 15 pages in and it's had a huge impact on me already! 

Yesterday, I felt compelled to come home & make this statement with this photo. Near the end of video session one yesterday, she explained why the circle was on the floor where she had been standing. She said a friend told her about this evangelist. 

"Gypsy Smith was a nineteenth-century revivalist who did something unusual when he came to a new town. He’d stop on the outskirts and draw a circle in the dirt. Then he would stand inside that circle and say, “O God, please send a revival to this town, and let it begin inside this circle.” " - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

This reiterates how important it is to 'remain thirsty'. We have to seek Him out to share Him with others. We have to work on us to help them! "Send a revival to this town, and let it begin inside this circle." 

This statement gives me cold chills when I say it. This study immediately impacted me. I walked in with something on my mind (something altogether different then what this post is about) & walked out of Bible Study with a fresh outlook; not only about what was on my mind but about this revival that is in me! 

Today, I give up the extended struggles I've had with these television programs & accept the enjoyment of knowing what God's promised me!


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