Monday, June 8, 2015


Y'all know me. I'm brutal with honesty. I don't sugarcoat. What's the point? Soften the blow now & hurt later? Nah. I'll take full force & up front FIRST please. 

I have got a million thoughts running through my mind & it's time to let them out. They're clouding my vision. They're making my head hurt. There's just no room in my brain for thoughts that need to be expelled. Seriously. 

I'm so behind on my blog posts, I've got ideas from last year & it's hard to remember yesterday. I got kids, you dig? It's moment to moment; it's fly by the seat of your pants & try not to spontaneously combust. 

I've been on this healthy journey now for a year and eight months. I've just finished The Ultimate Reset & actually kicked my diet soda habit, as well as, the caffeine addiction I had. I am now able to drink a cup of coffee without feeling the need to drink four more cups behind it. YAY, me! Progress, right? Absolutely. 

Well, my mind completely went haywire when I found out that I didn't lose any weight. Two reasons this is: the combination of Mother Nature & the fact that my eating habits changed drastically during this 21 day detox. When I returned to foods that had sodium, BOOM! You know what happens. Yep. I'm doing great with portion control & all is well. Just keep in mind, if you restrict yourself for a period of time & lose a lot of weight; when/if you return to your former way of eating, the weight comes back. If I can't stick to an eating plan for life; chances are, I don't need it.  

Normally, I roll on with my workouts & all's great, even if I'm off nutritionally. The first week & a half of the reset was exhausting. I somehow got in a workout rut. I couldn't workout. I was beat down exhausted. I LOVE working out. It makes my day even more fantastic. So why am I in a workout rut, I feel great from the detox. It was definitely an experience that I'm glad I had. 

I've got a run next month & my training program starts today! Remember the brutal honesty I was referring to? 

It's time to jump back in my routine & BRING IT.

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