Friday, November 5, 2010

"We're Truth Tellers here."

A friend of mine from my childhood made this statement regarding being honest with her children and it is a wonderful foundation for a relationship with your child, spouse, family and friends. If there is no trust, then you have nothing.

I prefer to be a truth teller myself. I haven't always been a hunnerd (yes, I know this is not the correct spelling) percent Truth Teller, but for the last several years, it just fits for some reason. What do I mean by hunnerd percent, you ask?

Even though you lead someone to believe something a little different than the truth, it's still a lie. Let's not act like we all haven't been guilty of this from time to time. It can happen unknowingly or not. "The dishes can wait until in the morning. I'm tired." Whoops, there goes a lie. Chances are, I'm just lazy.

I tell the truth. If you don't want to know, please don't ask me. From me, that's what you're gonna get. No matter who you are or what you've done, the truth remains the same whether you're honest or not. As a matter of fact, delayed truth is worse than the lie itself. Go ahead and tell the truth to begin with and save the hassle and the heartache.

I'm not an expert (we all know that), but I do try to live right. I'm not always Miss Congeniality, no one is, I'm human. I make mistakes. We all make mistakes. The great part is, I've learned from mine.

That's my truth. -xoxoxo-

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