Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Work in Progress

For whatever reason, when I start out to do something, I first thought I think is, "I can't". Why? Well, that I'm not reallllll sure about. Okay, so I have an idea but believe it or not, it's a little personal and I'm not willing to share. Oh yes, there are actually things that I keep to myself. Amazing isn't?
That being said, when I accomplish something, It's an extra large deal because I didn't think I could do it to begin with. People probably think (there I go think'in what people think again...), "oh, she's just bragging." Nope, not what it is.
Creativity is my outlet. My outlet that doesn't discourage. It doesn't ever say I can't. I can do anything Creatively. Always. Ideas roll through my mind like water in a stream. They wash through and lead me to my bliss.
Textbooks, on the other hand, scare me. They tell me I can't immediately. I've never considered myself smart. I did well in middle school and threw it all in the trash in high school. I skipped class and was a complete disaster as a teenager. I quit school and never saw myself where I am today.
Today, I am. I do. I try. And on top of that, I am successful. That's a big change from the disaster I've been several times over in my life. More times than I'd like to admit, but I emphatically admit because I'm me and I'm not scared of who I ever was and who I am as I bring these thoughts together.
I've learned so much. I wouldn't consider myself wise, but I do consider myself a work in progress. Progress to me, is making an effort and I am making every effort in my power to make my dreams come true on a daily basis.

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