Friday, June 3, 2011

Fix It or Trash It: Project #1 Finished

Yard Sale Find: Before

I'm notorious for picking something up at a yard sale, Goodwill, Salvation Army or a local consignment  shop with the intentions (the best intentions) of "fixing" it and it making it mine. I've always had a knack for putting my spin on an otherwise unusable object. I used to make clothes for my Barbie Dolls out of my old clothes. The thing is, it takes me forever to get around to it; whatever it is!

I made a deal (with myself), fix it or throw it in the trash! Well, this is Project #1 and I think it turned out pretty cute. The frame was really cool, but just didn't measure up (to me) with plain wood. The plexi-glass is a little scratched up, but you really can't see it too bad. I painted the frame black, washed up the glass and inserted my favorite subject --- Owen.


Yard Sale Find: After

It only costed a couple of bucks and it's cute now! I've had this frame for five years or more, crammed into whatever space I could fit it in without bending it! Finally finished =)

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