Saturday, May 17, 2014

20 Things

⒈ I ♥ Jesus! He is my 1st & everything else falls into place. 
⒉ I'm an Artist. That doesn't mean I'm just a painter. That means with every fiber of my being, I create things. All kinds of things. I love to let my imagination carry me away ☁☁☁.
⒊ I have the best job in the world: Mommy to two boys. Somedays, I think I'll come away with ZERO sanity left & never, would I change a thing. Ever. Even when I'm frustrated, which happens often.
⒋ Gardening is my therapy. 
⒌ I love nature. I love laying under the trees looking up at the leaves. I love hearing the birds chirp & sing .
⒍ Imma Daddy's girl. Always have been, always will be. He's the greatest. 
⒎ I love neon socks & hopscotch.
⒏ Beauty has nothing to do with your exterior, no matter how much society pushes that it does.
⒐ You will not catch me using the acronym to laugh out loud. Ever. Pet peeve.
⒑ I laugh a lot. A big, loud, hearty laugh. It doesn't matter who's listening or judging. Laughter is key. Find the humor.
⒒ I love to takes pictures. I'm not a photographer. Don't want to be. I just want to take pictures .
⒓ I like what I like, it doesn't matter if you do or not. I'm not a trendsetter or follower.
⒔ I'm bright and loud. Always. Even when I'm moody.
⒕ I love Yoga. I've been practicing regularly for almost a year & I adore it.
⒖ Blogging is my thing. It relieves stress.
⒗ I'm originally from North Carolina, but I love in Georgia. I'm never leaving.
⒘ I dislike beauty pageants. I think they send the wrong message.
⒙ I'm not a sports fan at all. However, my oldest darling has started playing Tee Ball & I'm his biggest fan (who is trying to learn, bit by bit). 
⒚ I prefer reading books over watching movies, but I never make enough time for them.
⒛ Last, but not least, I have the best husband in the world. We are complete opposites & disagree on everything except that we love each other.

The End!


  1. So your #2 inspired me to paint my chicken coop red today. I've been wanting to do it and yeah... I will also be censoring my use of the acronym that shall not be named and extend my apologies for any prior usage :P have a number 21 for you're awesome.

    1. You are so funny. Painting the chicken coop red makes me think of Alice in Wonderland (Painting the Roses red)! YAY for inspiration. I don't know what it is about that acronym that just makes me nuts for some reason :))) Awesome? Why, thank you!