Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just Show Up, Results Will Happen (To Be Heard)

I woke up this morning at 4:30am, which has become my weekday routine. To the gym to get my hour & back to the house & get my day started. I turn on Facebook to get my posts up for my fitness group & boom, it comes to me:

No, this isn't a link to the group, the group is private. The link is to my business page (in case you were wondering). When I posted this, it was fitness-related. It doesn't have to be. This covers all aspects of life. 

That hour at the gym is my time. It's my time to work on me. I don't have to tend to anyone else & if you're a Mother, you can understand where I am coming from. Every moment (almost) , in every day (almost), you are tending to other people & things. Even when my kids are away, I'm cleaning house, doing laundry, mapping out what else I have to do, etc. The point being, there is very little time in my life for just me & me alone. I'm not complaining people, I'm just explaining.

Thursday mornings, I have been going to a Bible Study. Evan gets to go to the child care center & get almost two hours to get ensconced in His Word. Isn't the word ensconced beautiful? I love it. 

After my hour, getting myself ready, getting the boys up & dealing with 6 year old attitude & 35 year old (myself) attitude, I had talked myself out of being ensconced this morning. I just wasn't in it. You know what I did & I'm glad that I did?

I showed up and I got results. 

Blessings await us. Step outside your bubble. Step away from your comfort zone. 

Serve Him. 

He is waiting with something for you to do. 

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