Sunday, July 31, 2016

Go On and Marinate on that for a Minute (To Be Heard)

If you don't know who Jon Batiste is, do yourself a favor and find out. 

I have so many post ideas stored inside this mind of mine & it seems that I never take the time to write anymore. I'm squeezing this post in before July is gone. It came just as fast as it went, just as summer vacation did. 

I've learned some things this month. Some things I'll share and others, I'll just keep to myself. I wish more of the world would do this. 

1. I've learned that no matter how kind that I try to be to people, some people are just hateful & the very best that I can do is pray sincerely for them. Being Christian does not mean that I have to hang around to let them beat me down & crush my spirit. God is so good & I wish everyone could see Him as I do. 

2. I've learned that suppressing issues gets me nowhere but madder than mad. 

3. I have learned that I am capable of processing things. This may seem like small potatoes to some, but this is a huge accomplishment for me. This ties into suppressing issues. I've done it all my life and have been a complete volcano that erupts when I've had enough. I'm still working on the lack of erupting part. Work with me. 

4. I have learned that I am a hell of a lot stronger than I ever thought I was. Yes, I said hell. Take a break. I still say a whole lot worse every now and then when I am in eject mode. It's not frequently, but it still happens. Does that mean I'm no longer saved? No people, it doesn't. That's one of the things that gets me about folks who are saved. They present themselves as perfect people with perfect lives and those that aren't saved don't think they can be perfect, so they don't even try. We need to get real, people. REAL. 

Which brings to me to my fifth & final "schooled" moment for this month....

5. I have learned that people who exist on the internet are super strong behind their keyboards with their sanctimonious lives & their judgemental views. It has to be hard being perfect & always right.  I seriously have to bite my tongue A LOT because ignorance is plentiful on the internet like a cornucopia on Thanksgiving.

Those are the snippets that I'm willing to share & just like I said, I'll mute the others. 

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. - 1 John 1:8

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