Friday, May 27, 2011

A Shadow Box of Love For My Foundation

This has taken me months to finally decide how I wanted to do the shadow box. I decided since she and I have always spent time together at the beach, that's how I would present it. The shells inside are all shells from Surf City, NC that she and I picked up together over a long period of time. There is one that we found on Jekyll when the pictures were taken. Gramma, Owen and I had a lovely day on the beach that day in April of 2011. It had been one year since Smokey, Owen, she and I had taken our last trip with him to the same area. It's funny, I didn't realize it until we were there and neither did she, it was somehow meant to be (for us to go).

The Baby's Ear shells are a tribute to him and his love for the beach and the entire box is a tribute to her because she used to make shell pictures when she was raising her children living on Topsail Island, NC in the "round house" (which, as far as I know, is still there).

The first step was painting the box white, then came gluing sand (from Owen's sandbox) to the back board. After, I decided which pictures to use, printed them out and glued them to a netting that came on Owen's new sand toys from the beach the other day. I added some star scrapbooking paper, a Family word cut-out, driftwood  and lots of beautiful shells we picked up together! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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