Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lord, Lead Me (To Be Heard)

Have you ever had something heavy weighing on your mind? Did you ask God why He chose "this way" of all ways? 
Well, I have & I did. 

In the recent months, I've been working a twelve step program & I am currently on step number ten. In step number ten, we continue our personal inventory (daily) and promptly admit when there is wrong. We are to remove the "stumbling blocks" that we've accumulated throughout each day & move forward. By removing this debris (so-to-speak), we are able to grow today. 

This issue has been on my mind for much longer than today but, for whatever reason, God threw it at me today; full-force. I sat down this evening, after trying to wrap my brain around the said issue all day, and I journaled. Journaling led to Bible study, Bible study led to painting & this is what the Lord had to say to me:  

In a nutshell...

I can plan, I can try to adjust, I can fight, I can fume, I can do whatever in the free world that I want to as a human being but ultimately, God will have His say & determine my steps. 

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